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Allergies Type 2

Allergies Type 2 is also called antibody-dependent allergy.It is when antibodies combine with healthy cells in the your body and then your immune system attacks the health cells.Type 2 usually start in early childhood and are caused by repeated exposure to high concentration ofpollen, dust or mold in the environment.Hyperactive children are at risk of developing this disease.

Food and environmental pollutions are the most common cause of allergies type 2.Symptoms include mental confusion, depression, memory loss, personality changes, anxiety, migraine headaches and hyperactivity.

A 23 year ongoing study has noted that 95% of the American population has a type 2 allergic reaction to as least one type of food.Symptoms are usually mild and are difficult to associate with the allergies type 2 diseases.Since different foods break down at different rates it is very difficult to associate specific foods to reactive symptoms unless you are hypersensitivity.

Arthur Coca is a well-known immunologist that has developed the Coca Pulse Test that you can use at home to determine if you have food allergies.If your pulse rate increases for than 20 beats per minute after eating they you may be suffering from al allergic reaction to some type of food.

Simply removing the cause of the allergies type 2 will result in a dramatic improvement of all symptoms.The most common allergenic foods are dairy, soy, citrus, peanuts, wheat, fish, eggs, corn, chocolate, and tomatoes.
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Allergies Treatment

Two Ways To Treat Allergies

Many of of us suffer from different kinds of allergies these days. Some of us are allergic to cats and dogs while others suffer from hay fever. There are also numerous food allergies out there. So what about allergies treatment? How can we fight off the sneezing, itchy eyes, and stuffed up noses? Well, there are a few different ways to treat allergies. The first way involves prevention. You see, if you can stop the allergens from entering your system in the first place, you won’t have to worry about allergic symptoms. The second way is to treat the allergies with medication. There are a ton of different medications specifically designed to fight off the common symptoms of allergies. Over the counter allergy medication is particularly popular these days. In the following text, we’ll outline the prevention as well as the treatment of common allergies.
Allergies Treatment – Prevention

As I mentioned in the opening text, one of the best ways to fight off allergies is to prevent them from entering your system in the first place. Allergies are caused by allergens and these little buggers thrive in certain areas. There are essentially two places where allergens love to hang out – Inside and outside. Controlling the allergens inside your home is one of the best ways to prevent allergies. So how can we do this? It’s really quite simple actually. You just need to keep your house clean. This is especially true if you have a cat or a dog and suffer from pet allergies. Allergens love dirty carpets and sofas. It’s very important that you vacuum your home regularly. You should also consider using a carpet steam cleaner once every couple of months. These products get right to the core of the carpet, killing all the germs and bugs that have nested there. You also want to use some kind of a lint brush on your furniture as this is also a popular breeding place for allergens. Other measures you can take to prevent allergies include washing your walls and regularly bathing pet.

Preventing allergies outside is a bit more difficult. Obviously you can’t vacuum your front lawn or take a lint brush to the park. If you have children, however, there are several things that they shouldn’t do if they suffer from allergies. Kids have a tendency to roll around on the grass. Don’t let them do this. They may as well take the allergens and jam them straight up there nose!
Allergies Treatment – Medicine

Now because you can’t always prevent allergies from occurring, it’s also important to have a few allergy medications to help you fight off the symptoms.There are essentially two types of medicines that relieve us of allergic symptoms – Antihistamines and decongestants.Most of us are familiar with various antihistamines.They include products like Triamic, Zyrtec and Allegra.These medicines all do essentially the same thing.They tend to help with sneezing, itching of the nose or eyes, runny nose and other common symptoms.People who use these types of medicines should be aware of a few things though.First of all, make sure you are taking antihistamines before you start suffering.If you start sneezing and itching your nose, it’s already too late.The drugs need some time to take effect so get it in your body early.There are also several side effects that are quite common.Antihistamines frequently cause drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.And if you’re looking for an allergy medication for kids, you may want to go with a decongestant instead.Children can get very irritable when on antihistamines.They can also experience nightmares in some cases.

As mentioned, the second type of medicine for allergies is the decongestant.Any medicine that’s used topically would fall under this category.Eye drops like Visine are a classic example of a decongestant.Another one that’s quite common with allergy sufferers is the nasal spray.Examples of these types of products would be Nasonex and Veramyst.Note that decongestants are really only for surface type symptoms of allergies.They work great to temporarily relieve stuffy noses and drainage but don’t help with sneezing.

All in all, a mix of prevention and medication is the best way to treat allergies.Good luck!