Can Hidden Food Allergies Make You Fat

Has weight loss become difficult for you? Are you gaining weight or finding it hard to lose weight? Food allergies may be the reason.
A great many things can effect weight. Sometimes it can be a medication, a thyroid issue, too many carbs keeping your insulin levels too high, leptin resistance, menopause, etc etc. Did you know that insulin tells your body to store fat? And that when you over eat the carbs your insulin levels can be high much of the time, resulting in your body storing fat instead of releasing it? This is one of the reasons I went low carb.but I digress… read on about food allergies.

What is going on?

Can’t lose weight despite trying all the conventional methods that you are told will work? Welcome to a very large club with millions of members!

One of the most surprising things that I learned when I was trying to lose weight was something I had never heard about before.

As soon as I started paying attention to this one thing, the weight started coming right off. When I went off course, the weight loss stopped.

I started my weight loss journey in March of 2010, after deciding that I really wanted to look better in my dance costumes. I teach beginner belly dancing, and really hated how this weight problem made it difficult for me to find flattering costuming. My vanity got the best of me and I started eating a different way, which was working quite well until I hit those dreaded plateaus that we all seem to encounter. When they last for a week it sucks, but when they go on an on it can be really defeating!

My weight story

Ten years ago I gained 75lbs from a medication I was taking, and when I stopped the medication, the pounds remained. The extra weight made me insulin resistant, and leptin resistant. And to top it off, I was peri-menopausal. As any woman in her forties who starts that long period prior to menopause can tell you, once the hormones go off kilter, it is almost impossible to lose weight. So, I had all these things against me.

Here I was in my mid forties, with hormonal and blood sugar issues hampering my weight loss efforts. In fact, with all these things happening, I was pretty certain weight loss would never happen for me. And then, once I had enough of being fat, and not being able to fit into pretty belly dance costumes, I started on a low carb diet. This worked great, but I kept hitting stalls. I would stall out for weeks with no weight loss. And then, I learned the real reason why.

It had nothing at all to do with calories, nothing at all to do with the carbs or fat or exercise. The answer surprised me so much because I was very well versed on health and nutrition and what weight loss method worked for me.

I did an online search, to try to find out why I was holding on to some weight. I was shocked to find that food allergies can not only make it difficult to lose weight, but cause weight gain!

Hidden Food Allergies Revealed!

I had some tests done years ago that indicated I was allergic to garlic, eggs, wheat and dairy. I don’t know about you, but all of these things plus the many thousands of food they are found in were a large part of my diet. So, the next day I eliminated all of these foods from my diet. In a few days the weight started coming off again. What a relief it was to find out what the problem was!

We are all familiar with common foods that are highly allergenic: nuts, soy, wheat, shellfish. In reality, any foods can cause allergy symptoms in someone. Perhaps you are a lover of all things wheat, as most of us are. Things like breads, pastas, any baked goods, cereals. Wheat is found in thousands of food in many forms. It is not just the gluten people are allergic to, but the wheat in general.

Think about dairy for moment. Many people are lactose intolerant, and the symptoms are obvious. But if you have a milk protein allergy, as I do, the symptoms may not be located in the abdomen. I believe that milk causes me congestion and maybe even headaches. I know that if i eat wheat, I will for certain get a headache. As I eat on the low carb spectrum for weight loss purposes, i tend not to eat grains at all. But, like most people, on a holiday I may eat the stuff I don’t usually eat. Grains make me bloat up and give me a headache. When I eat grains I feel like I swallowed a lead balloon. At least I know what my allergies are so I can avoid these foods.

Symptoms not obvious

Not all food allergies will cause symptoms that you would necessarily associate with an allergic reaction. Congestion, fatigue, bloating, all of these and lots more can be a sign of a food allergy. The only way to know for sure is to see an allergist and be tested for a wide range of foods to see what may be causing you problems. Food allergies are extremely common, and most people never know they have them.

My mother has suffered with abdominal bloating, eczema, congestion, racing heart, etc etc for years. I have also been telling her for years that she has food allergies, and I suspect she is highly allergic to wheat. She will be going for allergy testing this year. Some of the types of tests they run for allergy testing is the skin prick test, blood tests and food elimination challenges.

Food allergie testing

In fact, it is often the very foods that we are most allergic to that we crave the most. This is why, even when we know what we are allergic to, we tend to ignore it if we don’t see any obvious, outward symptoms. A serious implication from eating allergens is leaky gut syndrome. This can cause severe health problems down the road.

So, if you do find yourself unable to lose weight or stuck in a very long stall, as I was, investigate if you have an allergy to something you regularly eat. The results many surprise you! I know that when I don’t go near any of my dreaded allergy triggers, I can pretty much count on a steady pound a week drop. I am very happy with that!

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