Food Allergies and Food Allergy Symptoms

Food Allergies and Food Allergy Symptoms


Most of us suffer from some type of allergy symptom.Among others, food allergies can be most troublesome because most of the time you’ll know you have food allergy when you have a reaction to certain food.There are various types of reactions and they need to be treated right away even if the symptom is mild.My son has food allergies.He’s allergic to milk, cheese and peanuts.We found out he has these allergies because he had an allergic reaction right after having these food items. Apparently the foods that he’s allergic to are included in top 10 most common dietary allergens.

Top 10 Most Common Food Allergen Substances

Tree nuts
Gluten / Wheat


Food allergy symptoms occur within a few minutes to an hour after eating allergen foods.Food allergies can have mild reactions such as stomach upset or minor skin irritation but also can have severe reaction that can lead to life threatening reactions.If not treated properly even with a mild reaction, allergies can be more serious with repeated.If at all possible avoid the allergen.

Most common reactions are:
Mouth Tingling
Itching (Eczema) or Hives
Lip, face, tongue and throat swelling.(Can swell in other parts of the body)
Wheezing, nasal congestion or breathing problem
Stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting
Dizziness, fainting, or lightheadedness

More serious reactions such as anaphylactic shock which is life-threatening
Constriction and tightening of airways
Swollen throat or a lump in your throat that makes it difficult to breathe
Blood pressure dropping rapidly and severly
Rapid pulse
Loss of consciousness
Untreated anaphylaxis can lead to coma or even death
Above symptoms require emergency treatment


Most food allergies can be treated in many of the same ways as other allergic reactions by over the counter antihistamines.Antihistamines reduce reactions pretty fast.

Immunotherapy is another way to treat and reduce severity of food allergens.Seek counsels of allergist or immunologist for specific information regarding immunotherapy.

But if you are not aware of your allergens seek professional health provider.It’s good idea to see the doctor right after having an allergic reaction from eating certain food so they can better diagnose your symptoms.Also seek advice from allergist or immunologist about your food allergies.

Allergies can change over time lot of times due to your immune system levels.As time passes by you can lose some allergies and gain others.Be aware of how your body reacts to certain food and be health conscious to help avoid adding to your allergies.

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