Coping with Food Allergies

First of all, let me just be clear, I am not a Doctor and I can not diagnose anyone. This is about my personal experience and I share it hoping it may be of help to anyone else who may struggle with the same…

In the last few years, I have had to make a great many changes to my diet (and lifestyle for that matter).

After getting very ill, where I was flat on my back with aching back, headaches, constant tiredness, and a host of other issues, I was desperate! Because my back hurt the worst,and I thought it was muscle related,I went to my massage therapist desperate to get some relief. I got numerous treatments only to have short term relief. She suggested that I may have allergies and should get tested.

I decided to give it a try. I was tested, and I found out I have allergies to a lot of things- molds, grasses, dust, cats, and a few different trees. My biggest affliction was that I was allergic to five major foods (milk, corn, egg, wheat, and peanut).

Needless to say, I left the doctor’s office feeling very depressed… “What can I eat? Almost everything I eat has milk or eggs in it, but wheat, corn and peanuts too?” My allergist gave me some pamphlets on foods to avoid- five pamphlets in all. I was overwhelmed, but I was to take it one step at a time. Remove one food for two weeks, then another for the next two weeks, and another the next two and so on.Then I was supposed to add a little of the allergens to my diet and see how I felt. Easier said than done, especially if your diet consists of lots of milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice-cream. And I soon found out corn is almost in all foods, sodas, and drinks you can buy. Eggs and wheat…?? what do I eat for breakfast?

I started taking allergen immunotherapy treatments along with avoiding the offending foods. I started feeling some better. But occasionally, I would eat something I was allergic to and would be back at point A, feeling depressed, doubled over with stomach pain,or having those headaches.

I decided to go on a quest to figure out what really causes allergies to form after years of eating those God given normal foods. Here are a few of my findings and how they helped me:

Sometimes food allergies and digestive disorders are caused by a toxic liver. So I took a cleanse. I felt really good for a while, but after it was over and I was back to normal life, the old symptoms set in again. So it was only a temporary help, but it didn’t hurt me to take it.

Next I found out that if your atlas (the first bone in the neck) is out of line,it can cause the main “transmitters” from the brain to the stomach to be “short circuited”. Thus, the stomach does not get the message from the brain to digest certain foods, causing an allergy.(At least that’s my best explanation of it.) In short, I went to an upper cervical health specialist and started taking treatments. This has helped me greatly! I can always tell if I am out of line because I will get a terrible stomach ache or headache over the slightest bit of allergy food I eat. I go get an adjustment and I get immediate relief most times. It isn’t a total cure for my allergies but it has done wonders for me!! I would recommend it to anyone facing allergies. Some people it practically heals their allergies, (especially the respitorial allergies).

For further information on upper cervical care go to www.uppercervicalcare.com

Your body needs certain minerals and vitamins to work properly. Well, I decided, obviously my body is badly lacking in some vitamins and minerals. Yet I had no idea which ones to take or where to start. So through a friend, I got information on where to get a hair tissue analysis taken. A hair tissue analysis is where a nutritionalist takes a hair sample you send to them, gets it analyzed at a lab to see the vitamins and minerals you are lacking. The nutritionalist then studies the lab results and explains to you what each deficiency causes and gives a recomendation on what you need to take and how much.

I had the hair analysis taken and found out that I have a SERIOUS sodium-pottassium, and magnesium deficiency According to the nutritionalist this makes so my body doesn’t create enough enzymes to digest my food properly, thus causing allergies. I have now been taking the supplements for almost three months now and have noticed a significant difference. I am able to eat small amounts of the foods I have allergies to and not get a big allergy attack. My nutritionalist had told me it would probably take three months before I noticed any big difference. Well, it hasn’t taken that long for me to feel better overall, and another perk is my hair is starting to look healthy and shiny. 😉

I recently started taking more enzymes with my meals, and try to drink lots of water.  Enzymes are what my body has a problem producing and well, water helps flush out toxins. I did learn though, that it is best for me to drink as little water as possible DURING meal time so that my stomache acids are stronger for digesting. I try to drink water between mealtimes instead. It makes a difference.

As I already mentioned, I am taking allergen immunotherapy. I have had almost three years of it and my allergist said that hopefully in a few months I can be finished. Would I recommend it? I would to someone that has allergies really badly, and upper cervical care didn’t work for them and they are supplementing with the vitamins and minerals they are deficient in and that didn’t work. If I had to do it over again, I would try those two first then if they didn’t help I would go with the immunotherapy. Plus,they make more sense to me in how they work to actually get to the” root” of the problem.

So you may ask, “Are you healed of your allergies?” No I am not, but I am feeling SIGNIFICANTLY better overall and am able to cope with them a LOT better.

Will I ever be able to eat those offending foods?  I don’t know, but I can tell you this. It isn’t as big a deal anymore if we are at a friend’s house or out to eat, and there is no ‘totally’ allergy free foods for me. I can eat a little bread, and I feel only a little “fuzzy headed” when I eat something with small amounts of corn.I haven’t tried peanuts yet because that is not such a big sacrifice to give up. Milk is really the only allergen that still gives me a reaction over even small amounts, so I am still very careful about it. Overall, I feel well and work on keeping up that good feeling. 🙂 Hopefully someday I will be able to taste ice-cream again.

It makes me happy to have weapons to not only “Cope” with but also fight my allergies- with no side affects. I would much rather get to the core issue and work with the body, than to take those prescription antihistamine (that makes my stomach sore, my throat dry and hurt, and damages my liver.)