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Deluxe Seasonal Allergy Relief Healthy Gift Basket

The congestion, bronchial irritation, sneezing, and itchy, watery eyes associated with allergies can be quite difficult to endure. Our Deluxe Allergy Relief Basket is full of delicious goodies specifically chosen to provide symptomatic relief. Our Deluxe Allergy Relief Basket includes: Dr. Lankin's Awesome AlmondsĀ® Kale Chips Sunny Seed Drops Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds Roasted Flavored Pumpkin Seeds Dried Mandarin Oranges Ginger Chews Green Tea Honey Vruit Juice Sour Cherry Spread Quinoa Cookiesx Apple Chips Oranges Cranes Orange Infused Cranberries Just Grapes Allergy Relief Food Guide Handmade basket